Kiree Thara Boutique Resort Chiang Mai is surrounded by the high green mountains of the significant Doi Suthep. Inspired by the nature with the breathtaking setting of panoramic green mountains and lake, Kiree Thara blends the charm of the Northern Thai style living with the modern living. We offer our guests stunning views from 21 beautifully decorated rooms which makes you feel free, relax and individual living, a perfect getaway from noisy downtown.

Kiree Thara is one of Chiang Mai finest vacation discoveries, only 10 minutes from Chiang Mai International Airport, 5 minutes to the nearest golf club, 3 kilometers from Chiangmai Zoo, 2 kilometers from 700th Anniversary Chiangmai Sports Complex and a few minute from Chiang Mai International Convention Center. We offered free transport to Chiangmai Center.

One of the highlights of your stay will include the Krua Kiree Thara restaurant specialized in Thai, Chinese and Western cuisine. We can also organize your favorite activities such as trekking, mountain biking, elephant riding and spa services.



Kiree Thara Villa Chiang Mai
Kiree Thara Villa Surrounded by panoramic mountains .Kiree Thara Villa blends the charm of Northern Thai style living with contemporary living.One of hip villa and modern architecture. Only 12 minutes away from Chiang Mai International Airport, and 7 minutes to the most popular pub & restaurant on Nimmanhaemin road. Kiree Thara Villa also offers a unique designed swimming.
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